What is a Computer Operator and what does it do?

What is a Computer Operator and what does it do? You all must know a little bit that what is the work of a computer operator? “Computer Operator is needed” or apply here for DEO (Data Entry Operator)? You must have seen all these notices in the bus stands, in the walls of the college, in the station, in the Public Notice Board and once you must have thought what they mean.

What is the job profile of this Computer Operator, what work do they do. If you have all the same questions in your mind then you must read this article What is Computer Operator.

This job is a job that any technical or non technical person can do with great ease. There should be only some technical knowledge like MS Word or MS Excel.

Apart from this, the most important thing is typing speed. If you want to do this job in future then you have to pay attention to your typing speed. This job is often available in all government, private companies, that too part time and full time.

So if you have already determined that you will have to do this in future. For this you have to prepare yourself differently. But people do not know how to do this. That’s why today I thought that why should I provide information about what is a computer operator so that it will be easy for you to choose this job. Then without delay let’s start.

what is computer operator

The full form of DEO is Data Entry Operator. This is also like a computer operator. Or rather, both are actually the same. In both of these, the operator has to input the data into the computer.

In this, the typing speed of that operator and the knowledge of basic computer are more useful for him. Since there is only a lot of data, it becomes more difficult to do this work if there is no good typing speed.

With this the error rate of DEO should also be reduced, otherwise it will have an impact in its efficiency. Official work is often to do data entry, prepare an excel sheet, type in MS Word, so the computer operator must have some knowledge about computers or the use of its applications.

What knowledge is necessary to become a computer operator?

By the way, it is not necessary for a computer operator to have much knowledge in any subject. But still there are some things about which they should have some knowledge. Let us know more about this.

Educational Qualification – If I talk about educational qualification, then having +2 pass or intermediate is also very much, while in some places graduation (up to graduation) is demanded. In some places a Computer Diploma (6 months) is also very much. Actually it depends on which position you are applying for or which department you have to work later. Because according to the posts and job profile, there is a demand for educational qualification.

Typing Speed ​​– Since the main job of an operator is to enter the data, therefore high typing speed is a very important link in the selection of DEO. By the way, if the candidate is able to type well in both English and Hindi, then the chances of getting selected are high. Talking about Typing Speed, then minimum 35 words per minute is more than then it is considered as a good typing speed. If you think that you have that much speed then you can apply for the post.

Knowledge of Language – In this job profile, an operator has to type in both English and Hindi many times. In such a situation, if the operator does not have knowledge of the language, then he will have difficulty in typing both. You have to type by seeing many times, while you have to type by listening many times, so in such a situation, if you do not have knowledge of the language, then it is very difficult to do the work of this operator. That is why it is necessary to be strong on the language.

Computer Knowledge – Data Entry Operator always has to work in Computer only. Therefore, if the operator does not have any knowledge about the computer, then he is going to find this work very difficult. Along with typing in this work, one should know how to operate Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Excel. Apart from this, sending email which should also be done using basic technology.

What is the selection process of Computer Operator?

If you really want to become a computer operator, then you should prepare well for it, along with it, special attention should be paid to typing. In the selection process of a computer operator, he has to give some exams and interviews. This interview is not compulsory in some places.

Talking about exams, then you have to give a written test which has a cut off marks and you have to cross that cut off to give further exams.

At the same time, after the written test, your Typing Speed ​​test is also done. Here more attention is paid to the typing of a candidate. Then in some places an interview is also taken in which you are asked about some basic technical questions and some general knowledge. Computer operator exam is conducted in different ways by different departments. Therefore, before preparing for the exam, it is important to know how its exam pattern is.

How much salary does a computer operator get?

The job profile of Computer Operator and Data Entry Operator is different in different sectors. They are also given different salaries in different sectors. There are mainly two sectors in India, Government Sector and Private Sector. In both these sectors, their salary is determined by considering the qualification, experience and organization of the person.

Salary in Government Sector – 10,000 to 20,000 almost every month

Salary in Private Sector – 14,000 to 26,000 per month

What is the salary of computer operator in the ministry?

If we look at the salary of a Computer Operator in any ministry, then we will get to know that it ranges from about Rs.15,000 to Rs.24,000. These figures also depend on the post and experience.

What is the Work of a computer operator?

As the name suggests, their main job is to do data entry. For this they use keyboard, mouse, scanner and computer screen. Apart from this, they have to fill the data in Microsoft Excel, create a document in MS Word. Also, sometimes they have to email as well. If you look at all the things, then they mainly have official work.


I hope I told you guys what is a computer operator? Gave complete information about it and I hope that you guys must have understood about what is the work of computer operator.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this. From these thoughts of yours, we will get a chance to learn something and improve something.

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