how to solve reliance jio network problem

If you guys are also facing Reliance Jio Network Problem. So from today the problem of your Jio network problem will be over. Because in today’s post I am going to give you some tips about Reliance Jio Network Problem Kaise Solve Kare. So you must read this post till the end.

how to solve jio network problem

You must know that Jio has made a lot of progress in a short time. In addition, the users of Reliance Jio Sim are also the highest in India. And only after the arrival of Jio, the speed of internet in India has increased. But people are always facing many problems in Jio Sim.

Such as Jio Network Problem, Internet Not Work, Call Not Work etc. That’s why today I am giving you the solution of all those problems. Which you are facing or you may have to face those problems in future. That’s why today’s post is very useful for you. That’s why today I am going to give you the solution of every Jio Network Problem of Reliance Jio Sim.

But let me tell you for your information, we cannot solve these Jio Network Problems by ourselves. Because all these problems depend on the company of Jio. Meaning that how many towers does Jio have, there may be reasons like whether Jio Tower is near you or not. If there is no tower of Jio near you, then you may always have to face Jio Network Problem.

But still you can do some such settings in mobile. With the help of which the problem of your Jio Network Problem can be fixed to some extent. If your mobile is also facing the problem of Jio Network Problem. So you can improve your problem to some extent by following the tips given by me. So let’s know about Reliance Jio Network Problem.

Jio Network Problem Solution

Here I am going to tell you some tips, by following which you can solve Jio Network Problem to some extent. Along with this, your internet speed can also increase.

1. Do Tele Verification

If you have just taken a new Jio Sim, then you must first do Tele Verification of your Sim. For this you can call on Jio Tele Verification Number 1977. Even after this, if you make a call to someone and at that time you hear that your number has not been Tele Verified yet.

So you should wait till the SMS arrives at such a time. Because without Tele Verification you cannot call anyone. If your number has not been Tele Verified, then because of this also you may have to face Jio Network Problem.

2. Jio Sim In First Slot

If your mobile is of Dual Sim, then you must first check whether your Jio Sim is in First Slot or in Second Slot. If your Sim is in Slot 2 then you put it in Slot 1. And also check whether your Sim Card is inserted correctly or not. Because sometimes Jio Sim Network problem can come due to not inserting the SIM card correctly and not putting it in the right place.

3. Correct LTE Network Setting of Mobile

If the network is not coming in your mobile, then one of the reasons for this could be “LTE Network Setting is wrong”. That’s why you first fix the LTE network setting. For this you select Settings > Mobile Network > Preferred Network Type > LTE.

4. clear the cache

If internet is running slow in your mobile then you clear the cache in your mobile. Because whenever we run internet in mobile or computer, then there is cookies or cache store in our mobile. Due to which our internet starts running slow.

5. Change APN Setting

Whenever we put Jio Sim in a mobile, then APN setting is given from the company’s side in that mobile. If you make some changes in APN setting then your internet speed can increase. For this you follow the steps given below.

Step 1) First of all go to the setting of your mobile.

Step 2) After this you click on More.

Step 3) Then you click on Mobile Network or Cellular Network Option.

Step 4) If you have 2 Sim in your mobile then select the Jio Sim you want to change the setting.

Step 5) Now click on Access Point Name.

Step 6) After this, create a new VPN by clicking on the + icon. For this you fill the following information :-

ProxyNo Change
PortNo Change
UsernameNo Change
Password No Change
MMSC No Change
MMS proxy No Change
MMS Port No Change
MCC No Change
MNC No Change
Authentication No Change
APN type No Change
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocolIPv4/IPv6

6. Manually Network Settings

If the network is not coming in your mobile by doing anything, then you can also select your network manually. For this, you can do this setting > Mobile Network > Network Operator > Search Network > Select Jio 4G.

7. Do it right when the internet is not working

If your internet is not working then you have to turn on Ping Test. For this you follow the steps given below.

Step 1) First of all dial ##4636#*# USSD code in mobile phone.

Step 2) After this you will see the option of Phone Info in your mobile, you have to click on it.

Step 3) Now you have to click on Run Ping Test. Now check whether your Radio option is on or not.

Step 4) After this you have to restart the mobile phone. Now your internet will be fine.


I hope that you must have liked our article how to solve reliance jio network problem as always. If you have any question then you can tell me through comment. I will try to answer your question as soon as possible. So let’s see you with such a new post till then thank you.

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